Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization which is a non-government and non-profit type of organization. The organization’s goal is to build “simple, decent and affordable” houses. They were founded in 1976 and have been working to provide housing to poor people around the globe and address the issues which they face due to poverty. The organization has been working in over 70 countries of the world. They have also worked in approximately 1400 communities in the United States of America only. Their aim is to provide a decent place to live for everyone. Their goal is to build self-reliance, strength, and stability of their relationship with the people who are in need of a better place to live. It is a Christian housing scheme.

Habitat for Humanity has its main headquarters in the United States of America. It has five other area offices which have been located all over the world including Pretoria, South Africa, Bangkok, Thailand, Georgia, Americus and Atlanta in the United States, Bratislava, Slovakia, Latin America and San Jose, Costa Rica.

The purpose of this organization is to simply provide a place to live for anyone in need and for the homeless who desires to call a place home. To get the ownership of the home, there are specific criteria which need to be fulfilled. Their level of need, their willingness to partner with the organization and their capability to pay the mortgage through a payment plan that will be affordable for them are all checked in order to make a decision and decide which family gets the home.

Alamco has joined hands with this organization to pay back to the community and get involved in a good cause. Alamco wants to help the homeless and poor people to get a comfortable and cozy place to live which they can call a home. In this regard, Alamco donates doors, windows, and other products to the Habitat for Humanity organization. Alamco provides all kinds of doors needed in the homes including the entry and exterior doors as well as the interior doors. Depending upon the climate conditions of the country where these homes are being developed, the selection of doors and windows is made. There are many options including various kinds of styles, designs, and material of which these could be made.

In addition to building new houses, the Habitat for Humanity also renovates the old houses for people who are poor and cannot afford the costs of renovation. Alamco helps with providing the builder’s services expectations. There are multiple options available that are efficient, easy to use and cheap at the same time. Alamco’s goal is to provide better solutions for the people for charity which are also cost effective. As Alamco deals with one of the top and renowned brands who deal with best quality doors and windows, they try to come up with better charity packages to help the people in building the houses for the needy. Thus, in this way Alamco is contributing to the welfare of mankind too.

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