Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Energy efficiency is simply the reduced usage of energy. The modern homes of today are being designed and customized in such a way that they are more energy efficient and reduce the consumption of energy as much as they can. The energy efficient windows and doors are available to make your homes, offices or any other kind of buildings, energy efficient. Windows provide three basic things to our homes including warmth, ventilation, and light. By installing energy efficient windows in

How to Properly Clean Your Windows, Doors and Screens

Windows, doors and screens are all inlets through which your home gets fresh air, proper ventilation, and lighting. They not only help with the proper ventilation of your home but also add to the beauty of it. It’s essential for screens to be kept clean and unpolluted, as they essentially become a filter for dust and germs from then outside air. In short, keeping your doors and window screens clean helps fresh air to come into your homes. Dirty windows and screens