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How to Properly Clean Your Windows, Doors and Screens

Windows, doors and screens are all inlets through which your home gets fresh air, proper ventilation, and lighting. They not only help with the proper ventilation of your home but also add to the beauty of it. It’s essential for screens to be kept clean and unpolluted, as they essentially become a filter for dust and germs from then outside air. In short, keeping your doors and window screens clean helps fresh air to come into your homes.

Dirty windows and screens make your house feel like a jungle cave instead of a home. Without proper upkeep, screens can become weak and have a shortened lifespan, needing replacement sooner than later. It’s always better to keep them clean with monthly maintenance to avoid early replacement. The cost of window and screen cleaning is way less than the cost of having to buy replacement units.

Lastly, dirty windows and screens become home to various kinds of harmful insects, bacteria, viruses and may cause health issues for you.

Let us look at some tips which you can follow to keep everything clean and tidier. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, then you can usually call a professional window cleaning service. Just go to google or yelp and shop around for companies with good ratings and then shop prices.

Weekly Cleaning

If you keep your doors, windows, and screen clean and do regular maintenance then you won’t need for you to do costly and time-consuming deep cleanings in the future. All you have to do is dust them lightly with a duster or a piece of cloth so any dust particles could be removed regularly.

Make it a routine that when you do your regular cleaning of the home, dust the windows, doors, and screens as well. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to remove heavier particles. One thing you should watch while using a vacuum cleaner is to check that the suction, making sure it’s not too intense so that it damages your screens. The screens are sensitive as compared to doors or windows. Be very careful while using the vacuum cleaner and try not to push so hard.

Deep Cleaning

Once every month or two you should spend part of your day cleaning windows and screens. If you already do the regular dusting or weekly cleaning then the need for a deep cleaning could be put off for a longer period of time than just once every month or two. For deep cleaning, you will have to start with cleaning off the dust with a duster or a cloth to remove dust particles or any insects that may have stuck to the screens in particular.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner as mentioned before. The next thing to do is get some soapy water by mixing a little bit of detergent or cleaning agent with water and clean windows and screens. Use brushes or pieces of soft cloth to scrub them clean. After you’ve washed them, rinse them with water so that the soapy water is removed. Use a garden hose to spray water with pressure on the outside doors and windows for a final rinse. After properly rinsing them, don’t let them air dry as water spots can remain on the window. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe them dry as a final step.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization which is a non-government and non-profit type of organization. The organization’s goal is to build “simple, decent and affordable” houses. They were founded in 1976 and have been working to provide housing to poor people around the globe and address the issues which they face due to poverty. The organization has been working in over 70 countries of the world. They have also worked in approximately 1400 communities in the United States of America only. Their aim is to provide a decent place to live for everyone. Their goal is to build self-reliance, strength, and stability of their relationship with the people who are in need of a better place to live. It is a Christian housing scheme.

Habitat for Humanity has its main headquarters in the United States of America. It has five other area offices which have been located all over the world including Pretoria, South Africa, Bangkok, Thailand, Georgia, Americus and Atlanta in the United States, Bratislava, Slovakia, Latin America and San Jose, Costa Rica.

The purpose of this organization is to simply provide a place to live for anyone in need and for the homeless who desires to call a place home. To get the ownership of the home, there are specific criteria which need to be fulfilled. Their level of need, their willingness to partner with the organization and their capability to pay the mortgage through a payment plan that will be affordable for them are all checked in order to make a decision and decide which family gets the home.

Alamco has joined hands with this organization to pay back to the community and get involved in a good cause. Alamco wants to help the homeless and poor people to get a comfortable and cozy place to live which they can call a home. In this regard, Alamco donates doors, windows, and other products to the Habitat for Humanity organization. Alamco provides all kinds of doors needed in the homes including the entry and exterior doors as well as the interior doors. Depending upon the climate conditions of the country where these homes are being developed, the selection of doors and windows is made. There are many options including various kinds of styles, designs, and material of which these could be made.

In addition to building new houses, the Habitat for Humanity also renovates the old houses for people who are poor and cannot afford the costs of renovation. Alamco helps with providing the builder’s services expectations. There are multiple options available that are efficient, easy to use and cheap at the same time. Alamco’s goal is to provide better solutions for the people for charity which are also cost effective. As Alamco deals with one of the top and renowned brands who deal with best quality doors and windows, they try to come up with better charity packages to help the people in building the houses for the needy. Thus, in this way Alamco is contributing to the welfare of mankind too.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Energy efficiency is simply the reduced usage of energy. The modern homes of today are being designed and customized in such a way that they are more energy efficient and reduce the consumption of energy as much as they can. The energy efficient windows and doors are available to make your homes, offices or any other kind of buildings, energy efficient.

Windows provide three basic things to our homes including warmth, ventilation, and light. By installing energy efficient windows in your home, you’ll pay lower cooling and heating costs and perhaps even lower lighting costs. There are multiple options available which you can consider. These options specify the types of windows you can use in your homes. The selection for energy efficient windows which are suitable for your homes and fit your budget too, you will have to look at some important factors.

The first thing to do is to consider the energy performance rating of your home. You have to take it into account in relation to your home’s design and the climate in which you live in. The next thing to do is to select windows which have low SHGCs and U-factors. These maximize the energy saving of your home in extreme hot temperatures as well as extreme cold temperatures too.  Thus, you will have an energy efficient choice for both seasons.

Doors are also an essential part of your home. The doors that are external to your home can contribute to air seepage from our homes considerably and also energy is wasted through conduction as well. The aim of buying and installing an energy efficient door can be fulfilled by selecting doors on which we can apply weather stripping and make them air sealed so that the energy losses could be reduced which are caused due to leakage of air through the exterior doors of your home.

When buying or selecting energy efficient doors, one should consider the energy performance ratings in relation to home design and local climate as well. The most common type of exterior doors is made of steel with an insulation of polyurethane foam.

Another good option is to add a storm door if your existing door is old but good. These doors are made up of aluminum, fiberglass, steel, or wood. Usually, the wooden doors require more maintenance. There are metal framed doors as well which have foam insulation inside them which are installed as storm doors.

There are a number of factors to consider with the different brands that provide energy efficient doors and windows. These factors include:

  • The air leakage factor
  • The condensation resistance or CR factor which is also called the AL factor
  • SHGC coefficient which is the solar heat gain coefficient
  • The U-factor which is the thermal transmittance factor
  • The VT factor which is the visible transmittance factor
  • ROI and new product innovations

The names of some famous brands which provide energy efficient doors and windows include AMSCO Windows from Salt Lake City, Andersen Windows from Bayport, Associated Materials from Cuyahoga Falls, Atis Group from Longueuil, Canada, Atrium Windows from Dallas, and many others.


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